Seven years have passed since I first had the idea of the multiple keys in my mind. I thought everything would be solved after that but things turned out to be more complicated.

The first idea was very important indeed, but it had to be completed with further findings.

The Multiple Keys are, beyond any doubt, the most powerful techniques for prediction and rectification Astrology has ever had. Anyone can test them, through the study of the subject and its uses or by the verification of the incredible results which can be observed in real life.

I kept writing a series of publications with all my experiences of hundreds of cases where I successfully used this surprising new finding. In this way everybody had the opportunity to study, to test, and to research in new cases and new laws.

The practical and experimental success was no doubt total and flattering from the very beginning. I kept receiving recognition of my work, first through my closest collaborators and students, and then through other people researching in the field. 

Today the panorama of my work and my publications is vast indeed. Anyone can visit my sites in the web devoted to Astrology ( this is one of them and the most complete ).
What will the future bring? Of course, there is nothing to expect from those who, pretending to know everything, deny in the shadow the value of my findings. These people really lack the capacity to study and to successfully put into practice this powerful technique. They do not have either the basic knowledge or the necessary skills for such a task. But other people will come, those who are not happy with just the repetition of their distortions and their nonsense and who will not let themselves be cheated by charlatans.

The number will not be a majority in the beginning but they will amount to more, in the future of Astrology in our country and in the world, than the deplorable group we very well know.

We are including in this site a selection of articles written by well known personalities, including the correct rectification of their birth charts through the multiple keys and the primary directions. We have also enclosed some important writings on fundamental astrological topics. It is a fact that the level of an institution can only be shown through the work and the publications of its members. The work which is not published simply… does not exist. We should be open with our findings because it will not be correct if we keep them to ourselves. And of course the value is quality, not quantity.

Our material here will be extended and renewed very frequently. We are checking and revising our articles almost permanently and we would like you to download articles of the best quality. That is why we will be grateful to receive any comments, criticism or observation in connection with misprints or anything else you may find useful to communicate.

Dr. Spicasc

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